Low Fat 30 What's behind it


With Low Fat 30, we eat less fat and thus automatically lose weight. We took a closer look at how this works.

Low Fat 30 promises healthy weight loss without starvation. The diet was designed by the two ecotrophologists Gabi Schmerz and Gabi Valentin. It does without strict nourishing plans or strict calorie counting. Instead, the Low Fat 30 diet is based on three simple rules:

  • Eat when you're hungry.
  • Stop as soon as you're full.
  • Eat only what is Low Fat 30.

This leads us to the question:

What does Low Fat 30 mean?

According to the Low Fat 30 diet, we eat only foods whose total calories consist of no more than 30% fat. Every third calorie consumed may come from fat. Over the day, we thus eat about 60g of fat during the diet and keep our fat calorie content at 30% - which corresponds exactly to the recommendation of the German Nutrition Society.

The idea behind it: Fat supplies our body with far more calories than protein or carbohydrates and even ranks first as a nutrient when it comes to the number of calories per gram - so if you cut down on fat and reduce high-fat foods, you can automatically lose weight. However, the concept itself is not intended as a diet, but as a long-term form of nutrition.

What else can I eat with Low Fat 30? 

There are no strict prohibitions or THE one plan with Low Fat 30. However, if you follow the method, you will have to calculate from now on and take a look at the nutritional values before anything ends up in your shopping basket. The magic formula for the permitted fat content is:

  • Indicated fat quantity in g x 30
  • If the result is less than the total amount of calories, you can eat it!

If this is too much work for you, you can use the "nutrition traffic light" designed by Gabi Schmerz and Gabi Valentin. It divides food into three groups: Green we may eat as much as possible, yellow now and then, and red, exactly, best avoided.

Our shopping list then includes lots of fresh vegetables and fruit, pasta, rice, potatoes, and lean meat. 

  • When it comes to dairy products, we go for the low-fat variety. 
  • Even small chocolate sins are allowed - as long as we then cut back again the next day. Despite cutting back on fat, we should by no means do without the good fats:
  •  Fish and olive oil provide us with valuable omega-3 fatty acids.

What is so good about the Low Fat 30 diet?

Nutritionists judge the low-fat diet as very healthy and sustainable, not least do we consume the amount of fat recommended by the DGE. Due to its variety, it is also suitable for vegetarians or vegans. Shopping requires a bit of getting used to, but in return, we go through the shelves much more consciously and get a feeling for the nutritional value and added value of our food. 

Who decides for Low Fat, decreases indeed more slowly than with a Low Carb Diät, as for instance the Atkins Diät, does not have to fear however for it guaranteed before the Jojo effect.

Further emphasis of this Diätform is movementundEntspannung - because apart from unhealthy nutrition it is particularly the missing movement, which lets us increase. Stress can also prevent the body from losing weight.

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