These 5 mistakes many make with interval fasting

 Intermittent fasting is all the rage - but not everyone succeeds in losing weight. Why is that? One of the following mistakes could be to blame!

Interval fasting is actually a safe bet if you want to lose a few kilos sustainably and without much effort. But the fasting concept doesn't work for everyone. If you simply cannot lose weight despite iron discipline with interval fasting, you should check once whether you make perhaps inadvertently one of the following errors:

1. you eat too much

Of course, the temptation is great to treat yourself to a delicious pizza and then another large ice cream sundae after the long fasting break. But also intermittent chamfering is not a free pass, to slap itself uninhibitedly the belly fully - at least not if one would like to decrease actually. It should stand also with chamfering at best healthy food such as for example fish and vegetable on the food plan. Also, make sure not to eat oversized portions!

2. you have a lot of stress

According to experts, relaxation is as important for successful weight loss as the choice of food you eat. Stress increases the release of the hormone cortisol, which raises blood sugar levels and promotes fat storage. So try to avoid stress as much as possible! Extra tip: Studies show that too little sleep increases our appetite. So make sure you sleep seven to eight hours a night.

3. your fasting plan does not fit into your daily routine

You want to fast according to the 5:2 diet, but on the two fasting days with a maximum of 500 calories a day you can hardly keep yourself on your feet because of hunger? Then this fasting method probably just doesn't suit you! Look for a variant that you can integrate into your everyday life without major problems. For example, if you can't eat in the morning, you can use the 16:8 method and move the first meal of the day to lunchtime.

4. you don't exercise enough

Sure, most of us would prefer to be at home on the couch watching Netflix instead of working out at the gym. But as annoying as it can be: Losing weight without exercising is possible, but it's damn hard. To best help your body burn calories, you should exercise at least two to three times a week for at least thirty minutes each time.

5. you have no patience

Of course, we would all like to see quick results when testing a new weight loss program. But: Intermittent fasting is not a crash diet! Unfortunately, you will not lose two kilos overnight. But: Slow weight loss is healthier anyway and reduces the likelihood of the dreaded yo-yo effect. Give your body at least two weeks to adjust to the new diet. Tip: Experts consider a weekly weight loss of up to 500 grams to be healthy and sustainable.

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