Exercise before breakfast helps lose weight


A British study suggests that exercise before breakfast boosts fat burning by up to 20 percent. Here's everything you need to know.

Admittedly: Not everyone likes to get up early in the morning, especially not to exercise. But according to British scientists, that could be exactly what you need if you want to lose a few kilos. Their study, conducted at the University of Northumbria, suggests that fat burning can be significantly accelerated by exercising in the morning and on an empty stomach. The study result was published in the British Journal of Nutrition.

Exercise in the morning improves calorie burning

Dr. Emma Stevenson, her colleague Javier Gonzalez and their team had twelve healthy male subjects get on the treadmill at ten in the morning for the study. Half of the subjects had eaten breakfast beforehand, while the other half ate breakfast only after the training session. The amount of food consumed was precisely documented. After the running workout, all participants received a chocolate shake, and everyone had pasta for lunch. The results were impressive: The test subjects who had gone on the treadmill before breakfast burned up to 20 percent more fat than those who had eaten before the workout. 

One possible explanation for the phenomenon is that the body's carbohydrate stores are largely emptied overnight. However, those who exercise in the morning need energy for this - which the body then tends to draw from the fat reserves.

No greater hunger through sport

And the increased fat burn is not the only advantage of the early morning sport:

 The Forscher:innen had suspected before the investigation that the sport before the breakfast by a larger hunger feeling with the test subjects would make itself noticeable. However, this was not the case - neither did the subjects feel more hungry, nor did they eat more than those who had already eaten breakfast before training. 

3 tips for exercising in the morning

Of course, the study must take into account the small number of participants, so the result should be taken with a grain of salt. But exercising in the morning can definitely pay off! Want to try morning workouts now too? These three tips will help you do it:

Warm-up properly: Our joint fluid gets a little tough during the night, which means it takes time for the muscles to really get moving in the morning. 

That's why you should warm up properly before exercising: For example, jog a bit on the spot, stretch your arms out to your sides, and circle with them. If you want to run, take it easy and stay at a relaxed pace for now.

Find a sports partner: It's hard to overcome one's inner weakness - especially for those who find it hard to get out of bed anyway. A sports partner can help you to overcome this - because those who have a fixed appointment usually have a high inner hurdle to cancel.

Eat a healthy breakfast: Whether you eat breakfast before or after exercise is ultimately up to you. But in order not to torpedo your training success, you should at least pay attention to what ends up on your plate: Complex carbohydrates and fiber, for example in the form of oatmeal or whole-grain bread, are just as useful as a large portion of protein from yogurt or low-fat quark. Nuts, seeds, and berries are also ideal for a healthy breakfast.

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